Woman at Center of Ivermectin Controversy Dies in Hospital

Woman at Center of Ivermectin Controversy Dies In Hospital

(AmericanProsperity.com) – When someone is struggling with COVID-19 or any other health condition, those close to them want doctors to pursue every possible avenue of treatment. One such option many coronavirus patients seek is the use of Ivermectin, which, although used experimentally in other nations, is not supported for use in the US. However, one American advocate of the drug just died at a Chicago hospital after the staff denied her the potential treatment.

On Monday, September 13, Veronica Wolski, a freedom advocate and avid Donald Trump supporter died while in the care of the Amita Health Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. The 64-year older woman contracted COVID-related pneumonia, and the hospital denied her Ivermectin, citing the FDA or CDC didn’t authorize it for use in the treatment of COVID-19.

Many Americans shared photos of Wolski after her death, remembering her for her bravery:

Wolski’s death came shortly after her supporters tried to get the hospital to discharge her into their care last weekend. Even attorney Lin Wood fought to get the hospital to release her into the care of someone with her medical power of attorney. However, the hospital kept her in its care.

Now, many Americans wonder just how far a hospital could and should go regarding patient rights and medical freedom, especially with such a strange and still unknown virus-like COVID-19.

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