Woman Fired for the Worst of Reasons

Woman Fired For The Worst Of Reasons

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Caseworker Monica Archer was only doing her job when she warned supervisors about 83-year-old Marceline Harvey. The convict was out of prison on lifetime parole after serving 50 years for two violent murders. Yet, the shelter gave them a private apartment and free rein to come and go as they pleased. The felon allegedly reoffended — and the case worker lost her job.

Archer had initially recommended more “appropriate” housing for a person with Harvey’s history, according to the New York Post, but supervisors ignored her pleas. When she went to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration with a safety complaint, she allegedly lost her remote working privileges and received janitorial detail.

Meanwhile, Harvey reportedly added to the hostile work environment. Breitbart reports the parolee repeatedly threatened Archer’s life and claimed to have possession of a gun. The case worker says she resorted to varying her routes home from work after the subject attempted to trail her multiple times. Within a week of Harvey’s admittance to the shelter, Archer’s worst fears appeared to manifest: the convicted murderer allegedly killed and dismembered a 68-year-old woman named Susan Leyden.

Archer, for all her attempts at intervention, eventually lost her job. She claims the facility accused her of insubordination, although it had no supporting documentation. The shelter’s side of the story remains unknown, but Breitbart raised concerns over the possibility Harvey received special treatment for woke reasons. The convict is a transgender female, leaving questions about whether administrators had simply written off the case manager’s complaints as acts of discrimination.

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