Woman Says She Is the Missing Girl and Has DNA to Prove It

Woman Says She Is the Missing Girl and Has DNA to Prove It

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A 7-year-old girl went missing in August of 2000. Authorities had since let the case go cold, but a new development might reopen the investigation.

Twenty-one years after the girl’s disappearance, a woman living in Fort Wayne, IN, claims to be that missing child. Kaylynn Stevenson, 28, says she has the DNA test to prove that she’s actually Brittney Williams, the child who went missing from a foster home in Henrico, VA.

Brittney Williams went missing under suspicious circumstances.  She lived in an independent foster home ran by Kim Parker.  Authorities became involved when Brittney didn’t show up for school, and Parker could not produce the child for court hearings. Parker’s yard was even dug up by local police searching for the missing girl.  The foster mother maintained she sent Brittney to live with two women in California.  However, the police say that was not true.  Kim Parker was eventually arrested for fraud and spent ten years behind bars.  Authorities presumed the young girl had AIDS and died without access to proper medication.  Stevenson says she is still alive and well and doesn’t have the deadly disease.

The 28-year-old indicated she was adopted but hasn’t received any information from her adoptive parents about the process.  She hasn’t seen her adoption papers either.    Stevenson said that she made the discovery because of odd memories and searched missing persons with the name Williams finding a picture of her 7-year-old self. After conducting a DNA test with the missing girl’s biological sister, Stevenson found that she had a 95.83% chance of being her sibling.

Police confirmed the missing person case is still open, but there hadn’t been any leads for a long time. Authorities added that the case is still under investigation but did not release further details or mention whether they would conduct their own DNA test.

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