World Leader Resigns – Facing War Crime Charges

World Leader Resigns - Facing War Crime Charges

( – Rebuilding a country after war is always a messy business. For land-locked Kosovo in southeastern Europe, it hasn’t been easy after its war for independence ended in 1999. But, Kosovo’s president, Hashim Thaci, has chosen to step down from his office to face war crime charges.

The President’s Resignation

On Thursday, November 5, President Hashim Thaci resigned his post in order “to protect the integrity of the presidency of Kosovo.” Thaci was a leader in the Kosovo Liberation Army that fought against Serbia in their fight for independence. It seems both sides committed atrocities during the civil war, although the truth is still being uncovered.

In April of this year, he was one of 10 former rebel leaders indicted for alleged war crimes by a Kosovo court.

The Wall Street Journal detailed a few of the allegations against Thaci:

Thaci Will Be Held in The Hague for Trial

After his resignation, Thaci flew to The Hague with two others, although he continues to maintain his innocence. Accompanying him were Kadrim Veseli, the head of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, and Rexhep Selimi, a member of Parliament.

Global News reporter Nick Logan shared what this could mean for some war victims:

Albanian President Ilir Meta supported Thaci’s choice and hopes this trial can bring healthy closure to the country:

What’s Next for Kosovo?

Vjosa Osmani, the speaker of Kosovo’s parliament, will take office as the interim president until a successor is appointed.

While only the court and jury can decide whether Thaci is guilty of the alleged crimes, it is a respectable move for Thaci to help keep “political and civic unity” as his country continues to work through the atrocities that were committed on both sides during the civil war. This move shows promising hope for a strong democracy in this young nation.

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