World Leader Says Joe Biden Has “Gone Gaga,” Is Unstable

World Leader Says Joe Biden Has

( – People worldwide rained down criticism on President Joe Biden after watching the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan in the wake of the US withdrawal from the nation. Unsurprisingly, Russian President Vladimir Putin was quick to criticize our commander-in-chief. Even members of the UK’s Parliament called Biden out on his unstable ways.

On Wednesday, August 18, the British Parliament held President Biden in contempt, calling his withdrawal plan both “catastrophic” and “shameful.” The UK, which is considered America’s closest ally, is racing alongside the US to evacuate its citizens and eligible Afghans before the August 31 deadline. Meanwhile, some Britons may have lost their lives in the suicide bomber attack outside the Kabul airport on Thursday, August 26.

In light of this, Members of Parliament (MP) are publicly questioning Biden’s “intellectual fitness” for his job as a world leader. One MP even said he was “gaga,” while another proclaimed the US is now “an unreliable ally.”

One American pointed out how the British never criticized Trump, who they disapproved of, quite like this:

President Biden’s decision to pull out US troops so quickly not only affected our nation but almost all others around the globe. Our closest allies now question Biden’s mental stability given his disastrous decisions. Hopefully, the president rises to the current challenge or steps aside to let someone capable of handling it lead our nation into the future.

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