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World Population Reaches New Levels

World Population Reaches New Levels

( – The world’s census is steadily moving toward the 8-billion milestone. While the United Nations projected in a recent release that the event would occur on November 15, 2022, experts admitted the actual date could be anywhere within the year. But how did we reach such massive numbers, and what could the news mean for humanity moving forward?

The human race currently reproduces at a rate of about 140 births per minute, according to World Population Review. Most countries have seen steady growth in their census numbers, even though we’ve collectively slowed birth rates due to a slight decrease in worldwide fertility.

Our population has reached its current high thanks, in part, to a few massive jumps in the past. The most significant occurred between 1950 and 1987 when our numbers exploded from roughly 2.5 billion people to about 5 billion. Experts predict we’ll likely double again around 2100.

China and India, both Asian countries, currently account for the highest population numbers, with 1.4 billion and 1.39 billion residents, respectively. Overall, about 60% of all human beings live in Asia, but that figure marks an 8% decline over the past 200 years. North America’s population multiplied 31 times over during that same span, and Latin America saw 28 times its starting numbers.

According to predictions, the most significant future growth will likely occur in India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and a handful of African countries. Increased life expectancy and reduced mortality rates have contributed to the ever-rising numbers.

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