World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Suggests COVID Was Man-Made

World's Most Powerful Supercomputer Suggests COVID Was Man-Made

( – The origin point of COVID-19 has always been shrouded with secrecy. For over a year and a half, governments insisted the virus’s origins were natural, and anyone stating differently would be silenced, especially on social media.

In time, investigators would reveal that a secret facility in Wuhan, China, was conducting genetically altering experiments using bat coronaviruses, ultimately changing the world as we knew it.

Several scientists and government officials attempted to tell the truth about the virus’s origins but were immediately labeled quacks or conspiracy theorists. Once the Chinese military took over investigative operations, many who wanted to expose the truth were arrested and never seen again.

Since then, many Chinese scientists have revealed detailed information about the virus’s origins, exposing the Chinese government’s attempt to cover up the truth. With more and more data available, one scientist decided to use a supercomputer to identify the virus’s original host.

Flinders University Professor and Research Director at Vaxine, Dr. Nikolai Petrovsky, used a supercomputer designed by Oracle to analyze a variety of ACE2 receptors, allowing the viruses to attack human cells and replicate afterward. Simulations also attacked spike proteins, letting the virus latch onto human airway cells.

Author Sharri Markson revealed the supercomputer’s findings in a book titled, What Really Happened In Wuhan.

Dr. Petrovsky explained, “We were trying to find which species of lock the Covid-19 key was best designed to unlock.” Petrovsky says they ran a number of tests, each time attempting to fit the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein structure shape into ACE2 structures from a long list of animals. Like solving a jigsaw puzzle, their main goal was to determine which fit best.

Dr. Petrovsky’s findings revealed that of all animals that should have been at the top of the list as potential hosts like bats and mice, he was surprised to see humans were on top. He explained that viruses should not fit perfectly into a host they’ve never encountered, and according to the data, it appears that someone designed this particular virus to fit humans.

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