X Offers Legal Support to Controversial College Student

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Twitter employed lawyers on November 14 to act for a college student who is currently facing disciplinary actions by his school over posts he made on the social media platform. Company owner Elon Musk posted that Twitter will do whatever it can to support Juan Campolargo’s “free speech.” The South African billionaire published the post in response to an article that said Twitter’s attorneys were offering their services to the University of Illinois’ student for free.

Back in August, Musk promised in a post that his social media platform would pay the legal fees of users who end up being “unfairly treated” by their employers because of any activity on Twitter. Different media outlets said that some Twitter employees said under condition of anonymity they didn’t think Musk was “serious.”

Campolargo allegedly violated the University of Illinois’ code of conduct, as he reportedly used his Twitter account to tell some of his friends about different events on campus involving free food. According to a The Messenger report, he mistakenly sent one of these messages to a private function, who told authorities what Campolargo did. The school immediately took action against the student.

As reported by The Financial Times, which reviewed the letter that Twitter’s lawyers sent to the University of Illinois, the attorneys argue that the decision to sanction the student was “completely against” First Amendment rights. The attorneys also said in the letter that Campolargo is facing the loss of campus housing and even conduct probation because of the disciplinary action. They added that the student could file a claim against the college.

One of the lawyers named Schaerr Jaffe said in a statement that Twitter’s legal team noticed overlooked evidence and procedural flaws in the University of Illinois’ handling of Campolargo’s case. He also pointed out that the sanctions imposed against the student were “disproportionate.”

Citing its disciplinary process’ confidentiality and federal privacy laws, the college has refrained from commenting on the letter’s allegations and on Campolargo’s case.

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