Yellen Makes Odd Claim about US National Security and Ukraine Funding

( – US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said during a November 20 interview with CNBC that the United States must keep sending aid to the Ukrainian government, as the European country is highly dependent on America’s financial assistance. She added that helping Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is important for US national security because it increases Ukraine’s chances of winning the war against Russia.

Yellen explained that President Joe Biden’s requested $105 billion in foreign aid is one of the main priorities for him and for “our country.” She said that while she’s pleased that Congress managed to pass legislation to prevent a government shutdown, it is “essential” that the aid is properly provided to Israel and Ukraine in a timely manner.

The Treasury secretary added that the Biden administration can’t allow Kyiv to lose the war against Russia because it lacks the financial stability to keep “schoolteachers in the classroom” and soldiers on the “battlefield.” She added that the White House has shown its unconditional support to Ukraine, and said it will continue to do so.

Regarding the role of the international community, Yellen explained that the European Union has played a crucial role by providing military equipment and economic aid to Kyiv. She also said that the United States must coordinate with “our European friends” and the International Monetary Fund to keep assisting Ukraine in the years to come. The Treasury secretary added that Washington and most EU nations are on the “same page” because “we know” that Russia might attack a NATO ally if Russian President Vladimir Putin wins the “brutal war in Ukraine.”

Following the interview, Yellen was criticized on social media for promoting massive expenditures in Ukraine at a moment when the United States was experiencing numerous problems. One of these was The Federalist’s CEO and co-founder Sean Davis, who said it didn’t make sense to send millions of dollars to a country that had “zero chances” of winning the war. Another one was Newsmax’s journalist Garry Gallahan, who said that providing such massive economic aid to a foreign nation isn’t what the “Founding Fathers intended.”

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