You Won’t Believe Why These Small Business Owners Were Arrested

You Won't Believe Why These Small Business Owners Were Arrested

( – Many small businesses have been able to reopen with strict social-distancing measures and limited capacity. However, these reopening policies aren’t being equally applied or enforced. New Jersey began enforcing its order to keep gyms closed this week by taking drastic action.

Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti own Atilis gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey, a suburb of Philadelphia. They opened their gym with individualized workout stations, masks, temperature checks, and imposed a limit of 20% of the building capacity. However, this still was illegal under the state’s mandate and the Honorable Judge Robert T. Lougy issued a contempt order on July 24 demanding the gym cease operations.

So, on Monday, July 27, police arrested both owners and charged them with fourth-degree contempt, obstruction, and violation of the Disaster Control Act.

While small businesses struggle to make ends meet, most take precautions to keep customers and employees safe while still bringing in an income. Small businesses and their owners are the cornerstone of our economy and must be protected, not unjustly punished for trying to stay afloat.

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