YouTube Blocks Rudy Giuliani From Profiting Off Videos

YouTube Blocks Rudy Giuliani From Profiting Off Videos

( – The internet is a wonder of our age, giving users access to nearly limitless amounts of information and the ability to connect with anyone else who has service. However, Google-owned YouTube is cracking down on who’s allowed to make money from ads on the site, and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani didn’t make the cut.

Last week, YouTube suspended Giuliani’s channel from participating in the Partner Program, which gives content creators a cut of the revenue from ad sales on their videos. YouTube said the former mayor’s videos violated its policy on pushing false voter fraud claims. The 30-day suspension can be appealed, but it’s unlikely either party will choose to compromise.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton shared how this is just one of the numerous ways Big Tech is trying to squash out conservative viewpoints:

Giuliani has been one of former President Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters, and neither will be happy with this latest attack from Big Tech – and rightfully so. But, this censorship from the Left will only give way to new sites for content sharing, made by those committed to both free speech and a free market.

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