Zelensky Replacing Dozens of Officials

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on August 11 he was firing dozens of heads of Ukrainian military enlistment centers. Zelensky explained that he decided to take this “difficult” step after numerous allegations of corruption that could affect the country’s armed forces.

During a televised address to the nation, the Ukrainian president said that government officials have brought 112 criminal proceedings against “thirty-three suspects” in these recruitment centers. Zelensky noted.

There has been an in-depth investigation into corrupt activities in these centers, and authorities determined that these officials took “cash” and “cryptocurrency.”

In another part of his televised address, the Ukrainian leader said he decided to dismiss every regional military commissar because of many other crimes authorities determined they committed. Zelensky said these included the attempt to legalize illegally obtained funds, as well the illegal transportation of people liable “for military service” across the border, illegal benefit, and illegal enrichment.

The Ukrainian president claimed this system has been “corrupted” and needs to be run by new officials that are fully aware that bribery and “cynicism” in times of war are treasonous acts against Ukraine. He also said this system needs to b run by those who know “what war is.”

While he said this was a difficult decision to make, Zelensky noted the main goal is eliminating corruption in the Ukrainian military. He also said that his next step will be filling the vacant positions with “brave soldiers” who had to be evacuated from the battlefield after suffering severe wounds and injuries.

On this matter, he said Ukraine’s Security Service will vet the new heads of the recruitment centers before their official appointment. Zelensky pointed out that all “military commissars” that are currently under criminal investigation will be “fully” held to account.

According to different reports, the Ukrainian leader is currently under pressure to protect the military from corrupt officials to maintain support from Ukraine’s Western allies. So far, the United States and Europe have provided over $165 billion in financial and military aid.

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