Zelenskyy and Biden Meet

Zelenskyy and Biden Meet

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Ukraine has been battling for its sovereignty for over 300 days since Russia first invaded the country back in February. While the US has been supportive of Ukraine’s fight, sending billions of dollars’ worth of equipment and resources, the two leaders of the countries have never officially met face to face. That all changed after Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy touched down in the US and met with Joe Biden at the White House.

The First Couple greeted Zelenskyy upon his arrival. For the Ukrainian leader, the trip across the world was to thank Biden, Congress, and the American people for their support of his embattled country. The journey marks Zelenskyy’s first trip outside of Ukraine since Russia invaded.

During his visit with Biden, Zelenskyy offered the president Ukraine’s Cross of Military Merit Award. The commander in chief was appreciative of the award but felt he didn’t deserve it.

After his private meeting between Zelenskyy and Biden, the two presidents hosted a joint press conference at the White house. Later the same day, Zelenskyy stood before Congress to give a special address to the American lawmakers. The Ukrainian President concluded his remarks to Congress by presenting them with his home country’s flag, signed by soldiers fighting against the Russian invaders on the front lines.

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