Every American is entitled to Constitutional liberties. That’s why American Prosperity exists. We are committed to helping Americans from all backgrounds understand their rights and become more aware of opportunities for abundance–and threats to our freedoms. The American people deserve to flourish in every way, including physically, mentally, and financially. We are here to remind you of the vast liberties we’re afforded in this country–and to bring you the news so you can stay up to date on what’s happening in this great land.

News to Help You Prosper

When Americans understand the abundance that’s possible here in the United States, they can do great things. Knowing what’s happening in your backyard is essential to succeeding in both work and life, too. American Prosperity is honored to share the stories that make our country great, as well as bring you truths about important events that are unfolding across the nation and all over the globe.

About American Prosperity’s Mission

Our mission is to provide accurate, informative, and trustworthy news to a generation of American readers who understand that knowledge leads to prosperity. Objective, unbiased news is our specialty, and we cover stories that impact the average citizen. Whether that’s a story about the lawmakers who affect change, a tragic event you need to know, or a critical piece of information that will help you decide where you stand on an important issue, we’re here to deliver.

We won’t try to influence your opinion in any specific direction. That’s not our job. Instead, we’re here to provide you with facts and information that are informative–and that will allow you to form your own opinion about the world as it stands today. We’re concerned with truth and ethical news reporting that does no harm, and seeks to inform.

Liberty & Freedom

Liberty & Freedom news stories cover current events that help you gain an understanding of the developments that are unfolding in our world–in our backyards and across the globe. We cover politics and news, finance and the economy. There’s a lot to keep at the forefront of your mind, you that’s why we’re here to help. We’ll present you with regular stories that help you to get a strong grasp on the world around you. After all, without knowledge, we can’t prosper to our greatest potential.

Truth & Patriotism

Truth & Patriotism reports pair well with our Liberty & Freedom news, though they offer a perspective on current events in broader strokes. We offer additional context on impactful news, both from our American backyard and across the ocean.

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