America’s Animal Shelters Are Overwhelmed and At a Breaking Point?!

( – American animal shelter employees are speaking out about how much they are struggling with the surge in shelter animals. Animals have been filling up the shelters and the employees that work there are worried about what this means for the animals’ health and longevity.

Michael and Sierra work at the Mendocino Coast Humane Society in California and have spoken out about the effects of working at the animal shelter during such a turbulent time. They mentioned the large number of animals that have been put into shelters and the cases of many animals losing their lives on the outside.

They said that last year they took in almost seven hundred animals due to animal cruelty. They also said that animal control is telling many people in the area to leave any animals where they were found because none of the shelters have the capacity to take in any more.

Experts have said that people don’t understand the extent of the crisis and just how hard it is for these shelters to keep up. Last year in the United States, there were nearly seven hundred thousand animals euthanized in shelters.

The issues arise when you consider the decisions that animal shelters have to make. No-kill shelters often have to turn away animals if they are at capacity, while kill shelters are required to take in more animals and then make a decision on which animal they must euthanize in order to make space.

The media said that a lot of this could be caused by the “pandemic puppy”, the trend during the pandemic where many families adopted animals but then put them back up for adoption or brought them to a shelter once the world opened back up. This could explain the drop in sheltered animals in recent years and then the rise that we are seeing currently.

Shelter workers have stated that they are at the frontline working, and experts have said that they can’t be doing it for the money as the average salary of a shelter worker is less than thirty thousand dollars annually.

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