Amazon is Opening Cloud Regions in Southeast Asia?!

( – Amazon says that it’s opening cloud regions in Southeast Asia to meet the demands of people who want to store their data securely in that region.

Amazon Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels said, “The reason for this is that many of our customers have been asking for that. They really wanted something local such that they can meet, for example, local data storage requirements, or protection of personally identifiable information.”

Amazon Web Services, which is Amazon’s cloud computing service, is the world’s largest cloud service provider. Amazon has accounted for over thirty percent of all cloud spending in the world.

An Amazon Web Services region is a physical location where there are multiple data centers clustered.

Vogels discussed the reach of the demand, saying, “It’s not just startups that are looking for that. Big enterprises and government agencies as well. You can imagine government agencies want to go through a digital transformation as well.”

He continued, “For them, it’s important to have these kinds of technologies on the ground, in the country to make sure that they can serve their customers best or their citizens best.”

Amazon announced months ago that it would be expanding to Malaysia and it looks like the company is continuing to meet market demand outside of the United States. AWS operates in many regions such as North America, South America, China, Europe, Asia Pacific, South Africa, and the Middle East. Vogels said that this is their number one area for investment right now to meet demand and expand security capabilities.

“And to be able to keep customers safe in our compute regions, [it] is of great attraction to companies here in the region and also governments,” he said.

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