Politico Co-Founder Speaks on the Trustworthiness in Journalism

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Politico and Axios co-founder Jim VandeHei spoke out about the effects of journalism and the current trustworthiness of the industry. VandeHei appeared in an interview to promote his new book, but the conversation eventually turned to the journalism industry.

The interviewer mentioned a statistic that showed that over fifty percent of Americans were very concerned about journalism spreading misinformation. When asked what can be done about the lack of trust in journalism, VandeHei said “I think us in the media, we have to be a little more humble. And we have to realize our job is to be clinical in delivering the information.”

He continued, “Try to get to the closest approximation of the truth. If we screw it up, be humble enough to admit it and maybe get off Twitter and maybe stop popping off in ways that make people distrust the work that you do.”

“I‘ve dedicated my life to trying to get to the closest approximation of the truth. And you have a lot of forces out there that have tried to diminish the work that we do. And, quite frankly, I think there are things that people in the media have done to diminish some of the work that we do.“

He warned about the dangers of what could happen if people don’t trust the media, saying that it could make it difficult to govern people and be truly informed.

A Gallup poll said that just over thirty percent of Americans have a “fair amount” of trust in mainstream media and that almost forty percent of people said that they had no trust in the news at all.

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