Schumer and Johnson Invite Israeli Prime Minister to U.S. Congress Meeting

( – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has agreed with U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a joint meeting with Congress. This announcement came only a short time after Schumer pushed for a new election to push him out of the role of Prime Minister.

“Sen. Schumer intends to join the invitation, the timing is being worked out,” a spokesman for Schumer said. Netanyahu has addressed Congress numerous times and the only other person to join in on a Congressional meeting was British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Schumer called for new elections once the war against Hamas “starts to wind down” as he said this was the only way of securing the future of the Jewish State. This was also after Schumer said that the main “obstacle” to peace in the Middle East was Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Going against Schumer’s comments, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “The primary obstacles to peace in Israel’s region are genocidal terrorists, like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, who slaughter innocent people, and corrupt leaders of the Palestinian Authority who have repeatedly rejected peace deals from multiple Israeli governments.”

Jerusalem’s Ambassador to the US Michael Herzog said, “Israel is a sovereign democracy. It is unhelpful, all the more so as Israel is at war against the genocidal terror organization Hamas, to comment on the domestic political scene of a democratic ally. It is counterproductive to our common goals.”

When Schumer was asked about Johnson’s invitation to bring Netanyahu in on the meeting, Schumer said, “Israel has no stronger ally than the United States and our relationship transcends any one president or any one Prime Minister. I will always welcome the opportunity for the Prime Minister of Israel to speak to Congress in a bipartisan way.”

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