Biden Issues Two New Rules For Airlines?!

( – The Biden Administration has just unveiled two new rules that would affect Americans flyers. One rule states that airlines must be transparent about extra fees they’re charging flyers. Biden’s second rule is that they must issue cash refunds instead of waiting for a customer request for a cash refund specifically.

The Department of Transportation has issued these rules, which will take between six months and two years to be fully implemented. Airlines must give mandated refunds when flights are canceled or significantly changed, when baggage return is delayed significantly, and when customers don’t get the amenities they paid for such as WiFi.

“Passengers deserve to get their money back when an airline owes them — without headaches or haggling,” said Pete Buttigieg, the United States Secretary of Transport. He continued to say that the DOT’s consumer protection team has given “multi-million dollar penalties” to airlines for not giving consumers their deserved refund.

The rule regarding surprise fees would make it so airlines were required to explain all extra fees “clearly, conspicuously, and accurately” on their websites. This would also cover discount tactics used by flights, which appear to apply to the entire flight, however, only end up applying to a portion.

Buttigieg said, “To be clear, we want the airline sector to thrive.” He also said that’s why they put these rules in place, and they’re looking to be more serious about passenger protection.

On top of both of these rules, the Biden Administration imposed another that would stop fees for parents requesting to be seated next to their children. They are looking to expand this even further by making some amenities mandatory and also expanding accommodations for those in wheelchairs boarding the flight.

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