AI Controlled Fighter Jet Goes Out For a Spin

( – An experimental fighter jet controlled by artificial intelligence was sent off into the air. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall was riding in the front seat as it launched off in a test run.

Bringing AI to the Air Force is the biggest advancement in military aviation we’ve seen in years. The technology itself is not fully developed yet, but they are planning for one thousand AI-enabled aircraft.

The test was done at the Edwards Air Force Base, where many of the force’s top secret testing has been done. A new test pilot has been training AI to fly in war and Kendall has spoken out in support of the new technology.

Said Kendall, It’s a security risk not to have it. At this point, we have to have it.”

The F-16 plane controlled by AI is called Vista and it flew at top speeds of over five hundred miles per hour. At the end of the flight, Kendall said that he’d seen enough to feel confident in the technology in war. He also said that a human would always be there for oversight of the technology.

There’s been a significant amount of controversy over this technology and AI in general. Many are worried that it cannot be controlled and that in war it could be very dangerous to people.

The Committee at Red Cross said, in reference to the technology, “There are widespread and serious concerns about ceding life-and-death decisions to sensors and software.” They continued, “Autonomous weapons are an immediate cause of concern and demand an urgent, international political response.”

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