Analysis Shows Israeli Airstrike Was Done Using U.S. Munition

( – A new analysis shows that Israel used United States weapons in an Airstrike that killed seven Lebanese doctors. The analysis looked at shrapnel left from the attack which indicated U.S. origins.

Two weapons were examined, including the remainder of a 500lb Israeli MPR Bomb and a U.S.-manufactured Joint Direct Attack Munition, or JDAM. The shrapnel that was identified was also confirmed by Human Rights Watch and an independent arms expert. JDAMs are kits produced by the aerospace company Boeing that consist of two “dumb bombs” that are converted into GPS-guided precision missiles.

This particular weapon has been one of the most requested by Israel, especially in the war in Gaza. The shrapnel that was recovered from the al-Habariyeh attack showed writing that confirmed they were from a “bomb MPR 500” as well as a JDAM. The Human Rights Watch said that the attack was unlawful and “should have implications for U.S. military assistance to Israel.”

Ramzi Kaiss of the Human Rights Watch said, “Israel’s assurances that it is using US weapons lawfully are not credible. As Israel’s conduct in Gaza and Lebanon continues to violate international law, the Biden administration should immediately suspend arms sales to Israel.”

Anthony Blinken, The U.S. Secretary of State, is set to deliver a report on whether or not Israel’s use of U.S. weapons violates United States or International law. Chris Van Hollen, the Democratic Senator, said that the attack on al-Habariyeh should be reflected in Blinken’s reports.

Van Hollen, referencing the reports, said that they “are deeply concerning and must be fully investigated by the Biden administration, and their findings should certainly be included in the NSM-20 report that is due to be submitted to Congress.”

There has been substantial public pressure to limit how many U.S. weapons are being sent to Israel since they have contributed to the deaths of more than thirty thousand Palestinians.

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