Apple CEO Visits Vietnam at Biggest Manufacturing Hub?!

( – Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, traveled to Vietnam, more specifically Hanoi, as his company is looking to move sales into new markets. There has been talk that Apple would be moving into other regions especially after reports came that iPhone sales dropped at least ten percent in the recent first quarter of this year, according to reports from the International Data Corporation.

There is a lot of competition with Apple at the moment, especially in China. However, Apple is now Vietnam’s third-largest smartphone vendor and has become a key location for manufacturing as Apple looks to move out of China.

A few months ago we heard that the technology giant was moving production of their iPad to Vietnam, and following this, they are now working on producing the MacBook, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Vice president of client devices research at the International Data Corporation, Bryan Ma, said, “Vietnam is important to Apple not only due to its growing base of fans there but also because the industry is hedging its bets by diversifying its manufacturing beyond China. That includes key locations like Vietnam, where Samsung has long had a presence in the northern part of the country.”

Another country that has seen a lot of activity from Apple is India. They announced that India would begin making some of their products, such as their iPhone, and they are looking to move more manufacturing into the country as well. Not only that, but India also represents a large consumer market for the tech giant, making it a likely sector for the business to look into manufacturing and production of their electronics.

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