Band-Aids Containing Alarming Levels of Toxic PFAS?!

( – It’s been said that many United States bandage brands contain PFAS, or “forever chemicals.”

They tested forty different types of bandages made by a variety of companies including Band-Aid, Walmart, CVS, and Curad. Out of the forty that were tested, twenty-six of them contained alarming amounts of PFAS in both the adhesive strip and the padded part that presses against the wounds.

A former official for the Senior Environmental Protection Agency, Linda Birnbaum, said that this is a “wake-up call” to companies who use these chemicals in their products.

According to Birnbaum, “This stuff can directly enter the body from the bandage and it doesn’t make sense for these companies to use it.”

These chemicals are often used in products to make them more resistant to water, heat, and even stains. They are nicknamed “forever chemicals” since the body and nature can’t break them down, so they are linked to cancer, birth defects, thyroid problems, liver issues, kidney disease, and decreased immunity.

They are often used in adhesives for bandages, which helps them to adhere better to the surface which explains why they use these chemicals.

“PFAS are everywhere and unless we stop using them unnecessarily they are just going to continue building up in the environment and our bodies,” Birnbaum said.

Many companies don’t disclose the fact that they use PFAS and some rules even allow companies to declare the chemical usage as a “secret” and therefore cannot disclose the ingredients.

This isn’t the first case where we’ve seen the use of forever chemicals in our products. There have been separate instances where they’ve been found in toilet paper, dental floss, and other personal care items.

The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t have restrictions on the use of these chemicals in personal care products.

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