Biden Closes Gap on Trump But Race Still Close

( – Polls show that Biden is starting to creep up and bridge the gap with Trump as his presidential campaign is strengthening. Despite this, experts have said that the competition now might come from third-party candidates that are coming up as well.

With the polls showing a four-point lead previously, now the new polls from the New York Times’ Siena College Poll said that there is only a one percent difference between the two candidates when looking at registered voters. The support for Biden may continue to rise as former president Donald Trump attends his criminal trial in New York, which will pull him out of campaigning for at least six weeks.

One-fourth of people have said that Biden’s presidency hasn’t been good for the country, and over forty percent of people feel that Trump’s term was better for the country than the Biden administration currently is.

A separate study was conducted which showed the results without any third-party candidates and only the comparison of Joe Biden against Donald Trump. The results here showed that forty-three percent of people would choose Biden while forty percent of people would choose Trump. The results showed that with the addition of third-party members, mainly Robert F Kennedy Jr., set off the percentage which put Biden at a lower standing than Trump.

“This is not surprising, given that RFK Jr is on most issues a traditional progressive leftist, which makes him indistinguishable from the current leadership of the Democratic party,” editor Terry Jones of Issues & Insights wrote.

Polls right now are quite conflicting as they are showing different percentages and the candidates keep switching positions, but ultimately, time will tell how third-party candidates could swing the results.

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