Biden Pledges to Defend Philippines From Any Attack

( – Joe Biden hosted his first joint summit with Manila and Tokyo where he said that he would defend the Philippines from any attack within the South China Sea as hostilities heat up.

Biden stated his position saying, “The United States’ defense commitments to Japan and to the Philippines are ironclad.” There have been multiple events between Chinese and Philippine vessels in the sea that have raised concerns.

“Any attack on Philippian aircraft, vessels, or armed forces in the South China Sea would invoke our mutual defense treaty,” the U.S. president said.

China claims the entirety of the South China Sea, but many Southeast Asian nations, including the Philippines, claim that they don’t own it all. In response, there have been cases of harassment by China including shining lasers at the Philippine Coast Guard, running into Philippine supply ships, and firing water cannons.

According to Beijing, Chinese sovereignty in the South China Sea is being violated by the Philippines. Mao Ning, a foreign ministry spokesperson, said, “China was committed to managing the situation at Ren’ai Jiao with the Philippines through dialogue and consultation.” Mao continued to say that they wouldn’t mind the resupply but they asked for adequate notice to inspect the vessel and “monitor the process.”

The Philippines’ previous president spoke out, blaming the United States for interfering in their affairs and calling the shots. “I’m pretty sure that it’s the US that is giving instructions to the Philippines, telling the current Philippine government not to be afraid to go for a fight because the US will support Manila,” he said.

The United States has also strengthened its military and defense ties with Japan which has also sent concern to China.

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