Cases of Extremism Emerge in New Palestinian Authority Government

( – The New Palestinian Government sworn into office this week has at least two ministers who hold extremist and racist views.

These two ministers hold racist views against Israel and Jews, according to an Israeli organization named Palestinian Media Watch which draws attention to Palestinian extremism. They revealed that Muhammad Mustafa Najem, the new minister of religious affairs, is known to have incited violence against Israelis. He has also characterized Jews as evil and cited a verse from the Quran that referred to Jewish people as “apes and pigs.”

The Minister of Women’s Affairs, Muna Al-Khalili, is the second member who has extremist beliefs and has praised Palestinian terror and claimed that the attack on October 7 was an act of resistance.

Since the war began there has been a push to Abbas to reform the government and authority after it’s been accused of being corrupted and focused on extremism. Abbas said that the changes would include plans for institutional reform, restructuring institutions, and also fighting corruption.

However, Palestinians seem to think that none of these things will take place if Abbas is still in charge. They have also said that it’s a power struggle as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is against any sort of authority in Gaza post-war.

“The assumption that a ‘revitalized’ Palestinian Authority will bring moderate and pragmatic figures, or soften the Palestinian position toward Israel, is totally false,” said Khaled Abu Toameh, a Palestinian affairs analyst. They have also said that many Palestinians don’t know the difference between the previous government and the new one.

Said Abu Toameh, “In his first speech at the cabinet meeting, the new prime minister, Mohammed Mustafa, also employed hardline rhetoric against Israel because of the war in Gaza, while completely ignoring Hamas’ responsibility.” He continued, “In this regard, he sounded exactly like his predecessor, Mohammed Shtayyeh.”

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