China Tried Meddling in Latest Canada Elections?!

( – According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada’s last two elections were almost tampered with by China. However, he states that the results were not affected and that China “probably” didn’t have a preference for one party or another.

The Prime Minister was a part of a sworn testimony where he was asked questions regarding the elections. He answered the questions but claimed that the elections were still “free and fair.” The Prime Minister set up the commission after pressure from legislation who were unhappy about the social media that showed China’s potential role in the elections.

China has always denied this, saying that the accusations were “groundless.” Erin O’Toole said that the interference cost them about nine seats but that it ultimately did not change the outcome of the election.

Trudeau established the integrity of the elections, saying, “Nothing we have seen and heard despite, yes, attempts by foreign states to interfere, those elections held in their integrity. They were decided by Canadians.”

Trudeau was also asked about an intelligence report that said Chinese officials in Canada expressed favor for a Liberal minority because they would be less likely to have anti-China policies. However, Trudeau said that he never received the report.

He stated, “While individual Chinese officials may well have expressed a preference or another, the impression we got and consistently would get is that it just would seem very improbable that the Chinese government itself would have a preference in the election.”

In recent events, Canada’s spy agency has said that China “clandestinely and deceptively interfered in both elections.” However, a spokesperson for the Chinese embassy has said that China opposes this and the information given by Trudeau, saying, “China has never had any interest in interfering in Canada’s internal affairs.”

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