Earthquake in Taiwan Causes at Least 9 Deaths?!

( – Taiwan experienced one of the strongest earthquakes they’ve had in years this week. The earthquake rattled buildings, evacuated schools, and damaged highways, leaving nine people dead.

Taiwan’s national fire agency said that nine people had died already. The earthquake caused rockslides and even left a five-story building sitting sideways after the first floor collapsed. Multiple people died in rockslides and many people were trapped because of networks being down.

Taiwan’s earthquake monitoring agency stated that it was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. It was offshore about eleven miles out from Hualien and about twenty miles deep with aftershocks that continued after the earthquake initially happened.

Transportation services like train and bus stations stopped and traffic was left at a standstill while the rocks and debris from landslides were hitting highways. Multiple videos across social media showed large buildings in the area swaying with the movement of the ground during the quake.

Authorities said that they didn’t expect the earthquake to be this large, and only expected it to be a magnitude of about 4. So, they didn’t send out any safety alerts since earthquakes tend to be a common occurrence there.

Many of the residents are accustomed to earthquakes, but this one shook many. According to Hsien-hsuen Keng, a Taipei resident, “Earthquakes are a common occurrence, and I’ve grown accustomed to them. But today was the first time I was scared to tears by an earthquake,” He continued, “I was awakened by the earthquake. I had never felt such intense shaking before.”

Tsunamis are often an after-effect of earthquakes but it was stated by The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center that the surrounding area had no reason to worry about any incoming tsunamis.

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