Female Prison Closed After MANY Reports of Sexual Abuse

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The United States Bureau of Prisons has decided to close a woman’s federal prison that has received many reports of sexual abuse of the prisoners. The Bureau of Prisons Director, Colette Peters, said that the Federal Correctional Institution Dublin was “not meeting expected standards and that the best course of action is to close the facility.”

The announcement comes after multiple trials have surfaced that included the accusation of correctional officers sexually abusing the inmates at FCI Dublin. Investigations showed that the facility was even referred to by staff and inmates as the “rape club” because of how much sexual violence was happening by officers at this facility.

The director continued to speak about what they did prior to shutting down the facility and they said that they took “unprecedented steps and provided a tremendous amount of resources to address culture, recruitment and retention, aging infrastructure – and most critical – employee misconduct.”

The director said, “The decision was made after ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of those unprecedented steps and additional resources.”

This particular facility is only one of six women’s prisons in the United States and it’s the only one in the West. It houses about six hundred inmates who will now be transferred to other facilities.

“The closure of the institution may be temporary but certainly will result in a mission change,” added Peters. Following the investigation, eight different employees have been charged with sexual abuse since at least 2021. So far, five of them have pleaded guilty and two were convicted during trial.

Advocates have said that the descriptions given during the trials don’t cover all of the incidents that people experienced while being incarcerated there. Many said that the prisoners would get punished as well if they said anything about the sexual misconduct that was taking place.

It’s said that some people were even transferred and deported from the facility after they tried to say something about the misconduct or they would be threatened with being deported if they said anything.

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