First Human to Ever Get Pig Kidney?!

( – The first-ever human to get a pig kidney transplant has just been released from the hospital. Richard “Rick” Slayman is sixty-two years old and has been suffering from end-stage kidney disease. He now no longer has to be on dialysis after a procedure that gave him a pig kidney at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School’s biggest teaching hospital in Boston.

Slayman went through a lot before he got his successful kidney transplant from a pig. He was diagnosed with renal failure which left his kidney unable to function. He was then placed on dialysis for seven years before he got his first transplant from a human donor.

This lasted five years before he experienced failure from the donated kidney. This is when the pig kidney was available to him by Genesis and it was classified as a “gene-edited” pig kidney.

Slayman said he was “leaving the hospital today with one of the cleanest bills of health I’ve had in a long time” and that it was the best day of his life. The procedure that he encountered was called a xenotransplantation.

Slayman shared his gratitude, saying, “I want to thank anyone who has seen my story and sent well wishes, especially patients waiting for a kidney transplant. Today marks a new beginning not just for me, but for them, as well.”

This procedure marks a major milestone that could help people gain much more access to transplants and organs. There has been a huge organ shortage in the United States and procedures like these could solve the shortage and help people who wouldn’t otherwise get an organ transplant.

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