Google Has Developed AI That Can Play Video Games?!

( – Google has made another development in the artificial intelligence community that would be able to play video games just like a human.

It’s said that this AI model would be able to play video games and take orders from players, and it could have real-world implications in the future. The program is called SIMA, which stands for Scalable Instructable Multiworld Agent, and is not comparable to a computer you’d find in a game; it actually learns by imitating humans.

This means that the AI system would be able to act and play like a real human would. “This work isn’t about achieving high game scores,” said the team of SIMA. They continued, “Learning to play even one video game is a technical feat for an AI system, but learning to follow instructions in a variety of game settings could unlock more helpful AI agents for any environment.”

“Introducing SIMA: the first generalist AI agent to follow natural-language instructions in a broad range of 3D virtual environments and video games,” the Google Deepmind X account wrote.

The program isn’t trained to win the game but rather to do what it’s told by an instructor and “run the game” according to Google. Google worked with eight-game developers as they developed this software, which researchers were running on games such as Goat Simulator 3.

The team at Google wrote, “This research marks the first time an agent has demonstrated it can understand a broad range of gaming worlds, and follow natural-language instructions to carry out tasks within them, as a human might.”

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