Maryland Lawmakers Draft Bill For Port Workers

( – Senate leaders and the Statehouse in Maryland have drafted up plans that would help to cover the salaries of port workers.

On Tuesday, a cargo ship hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, which caused it to collapse. The draft bill will help to cover the salaries of the port workers and to help “put food on the table” for people.

Bill Ferguson, the President of the Maryland Senate said, “The human cost of lives lost yesterday is overwhelming and tragic. The economic and stability loss to the thousands impacted in the days ahead cannot be understated.” More than fifteen thousand people rely on the Port of Baltimore, according to Ferguson.

The president of the Baltimore arm of the International Longshoremen’s Association, Scott Cowan, spoke out about how the event is affecting their workers and how he’s looking to help them. “I have 2,400 ILA members who are soon going to be without jobs. Getting them on the payroll, keeping their families fed, and putting food on the table is my first and foremost thought on my mind.”

The port is the ninth busiest port in the United States and mostly focuses on automobiles, car parts, and coal. The collapse not only affects the distribution of products but also traffic and the salaries of workers.

Six people died as a result of the shipwreck and bridge collapse. “It hurts my heart to see what is happening. We are human beings, and they are my folks,” Jesús Campos, a co-worker of the missing workers said.

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