Mayorkas Defends Mexico’s Efforts to Tackle Fentanyl Crisis

( – US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas pushed back on the idea that the Mexican government is not making enough efforts to tackle the fentanyl crisis. During a Sunday interview at NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he pointed out that the current administration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is one of the biggest US allies in the fight against this drug.

When host Chuck Todd asked him about the current fentanyl crisis, Mayorkas said that people have a “misperception” about the Mexican government not being “a good partner” in the fight against this drug. He added this idea is wrong as Mexico City has been such a good “ally” and that Washington has a “very close partnership” with it.

Mayorkas also said that Mexican officials have always provided plenty of help on this matter and explained that the DHS has personnel in the Latin American nation to address any fentanyl problems with the border. Moreover, he pointed out that while he can’t speak for the Mexican president, US officials work closely with Mexican allies to solve this issue.

In another part of the interview, the DHS Secretary told Todd that one of the main issues about the fentanyl crisis is China’s role. After all, Mayorkas explained most of the precursor chemicals that are part of this drug, along with the equipment that is used to properly manufacture it, come from China. Many analysts believe this is a delicate situation considering that the White House has already defined China as the main US geopolitical foe, and this fentanyl crisis could make their relationship even tenser.

Over the last few months, Mayorkas has been criticized for his handling of the US-Mexico border. While most of his critics point out the migrant crisis, many believe that the issue of fentanyl trafficking into the United States is a consequence of his inefficiency in the job.

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