Mike Johnson Hints At Ukraine Aid Despite Pushback

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson has just hinted that an aid package to Ukraine is in the works even though Johnson has been threatened to lose his position as House Speaker if he does so.

Johnson spoke out about “important innovations” to a potential Ukraine package during an interview. He has been pushing for an aid package here for a while now and he hinted that there would be a vote on it as the officials came back from Easter break.

There has been a lot of pushback against Johnson for suggesting the Ukraine aid package, and his seat has even been threatened by saying that if he continued down this route he would risk his position as the House Speaker.

The White House has said that halting or delaying aid could potentially cause Ukraine a loss of lives and that Russia is not bowing down. Johnson said, regarding the Ukraine aid, “What we have to do in an era of divided government, historically, as we are, you got to build consensus. If we want to move a partisan measure, I got to have every single member, literally. And some things need to be bipartisan.”

He continued, “We’ve been talking to all the members especially now over the district work period. When we return after this work period, we’ll be moving a product, but it’s going to, I think, have some important innovations.”

“Even former president Donald Trump has talked about the loan concept, where we’re not just giving foreign aid, we’re setting it up in a relationship where they can provide it back to us when the time is right,” said Johnson.

The controversy over the bill has intensified since Trump has pushed for Republicans not to approve any Ukraine aid that also ties in funding for the border, and many are not on board with sending any more aid to Ukraine in fear of Russia’s response.

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