New Bill Requires Fossil Fuel Companies Pay for Climate Change Damage?!

( – Vermont has just passed a new bill that would require big fossil fuel companies to pay a part of the damages that are caused by climate change. The motion was put into place after the state dealt with massive flooding and damage from extreme weather that was supposedly brought on by climate change.

“In order to remedy the problems created by washed out roads, downed electrical wires, damaged crops and repeated flooding, the largest fossil fuel entities that have contributed to climate change should also contribute to fixing the problem that they caused,” Senator Nader Hashim said.

Vermont is the first to pass a bill like this, but there are a few other states that may be following suit with their own bills.

Some critics say that Vermont being the first state to go up like this could be a costly legal battle for them. Many have compared Vermont to companies such as ExxonMobil which makes much more profit than Vermont has in budget.

Others have said that Vermont is going first because of the massive effects they’ve experienced as a state in response to climate change and therefore it’s at the top of their mind, which prompted this bill.

As part of the passing of this bill, the Vermont State Treasurer will bring a report that states the total cost to those living in Vermont and the state itself because of the emission of greenhouse gasses.

The top group for the oil and gas industry did speak out in response saying that this bill “retroactively imposes costs and liability on prior activities that were legal, violates equal protection and due process rights by holding companies responsible for the actions of society at large.”

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