Oakland Airport to Add “San Francisco” to Their Name

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The Oakland International Airport is contemplating adding “San Francisco” to its name in order to attract more passengers, but it seems that those in San Francisco are not happy about that.

The Board of Commissioners for the Port of Oakland will discuss the answer to this at a board meeting this week. Oakland says that travelers who are not familiar with the region will fly into San Francisco’s airport even though their destination may be closer to the Oakland International Airport. The modification that they are looking into would change their name to the San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport.

“Market research and interviews with airline partners have shown that routes have not performed as well as they should have due to the lack of geographic awareness, making air carriers reluctant to sustain and add new routes in Oakland,” said the Port of Oakland’s interim aviation director, Craig Simon.

He said that the airport which is officially known as the Metropolitan Oakland International Airport lost a few of their routes.

Those who are in San Fransisco say that this name change will confuse travelers including those who will be traveling abroad. The Director of the San Francisco Airport says that he is “deeply concerned” about this confusion that may come and the disservice to the airport.

David Chiu, who is a San Francisco Attorney said that the name change could result in them suing Oakland Airport because it would violate their trademark on “San Francisco International Airport.”

Chiu said, in regard to the possible confusion, “Consumers will either misunderstand Oakland International Airport’s physical location or mistakenly believe that there is a formal relationship or connection between the two airports that does not exist.”

Many people have said that they understand the reasoning that Oakland Airport wants to do this but that it will be confusing. They have encouraged the airport to “turn things around” a different way.

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