One in Four Americans Uninsured After Losing Medicaid?!

( – A large group of American adults are dealing with the loss of Medicaid and are no longer insured. It’s become increasingly difficult for Americans to retain Medicaid especially after the Pandemic assistance was cut off, leaving many people unable to get insurance if they did not qualify for Medicaid.

A national survey showed that many Americans reapplied for Medicaid weeks or months after being dropped as they stated that they shouldn’t have been let go from receiving those benefits in the first place.

Over twenty percent of Americans say they are now uninsured, but almost thirty percent of Americans said they were able to find insurance elsewhere from an employer or from going through Medicare.

Chima Ndumele, an associate professor of health policy at the Yale University School of Public Health said, “Twenty-three percent is a striking number especially when you think about the number of people who lost Medicaid coverage.”

Losing insurance can leave people with gaps in health insurance which can be costly also leaving them with an extended amount of time where they aren’t finding coverage or can’t find coverage.

Many people were scrambling to find other alternatives as they were being kicked off of Medicaid. Adrienne Hamar who lives in Pennsylvania said that she had a hard time getting on the phone with someone to discuss other insurance for her and her two kids after they lost access to Medicaid.

Jennifer Tolbert, a co-author of the KFF report said that situations like this are very common. “People’s current insurance status is likely to be very much in flux, and we would expect at least some of the people who say they are currently uninsured to reenroll in Medicaid — many say they are still trying — or enroll in other coverage within a short period of time,” she said.

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