OpenAI Debuts Voice Cloning Tool, But Is It Too Risky For the Public?!

( – OpenAI has just announced that they have a tool for cloning people’s voices but that they won’t be releasing it to the public because of concerns regarding misuse of the program.

Voice Engine is a voice replication tool that can replicate a person’s voice with just a 15-second audio clip of the person. The ChatGPT creator has said that they are being cautious with the approach they’re taking to this technology.

“We recognize that generating speech that resembles people’s voices has serious risks, which are especially top of mind in an election year,” said OpenAI.

They continued, “We are engaging with U.S. and international partners from across government, media, entertainment, education, civil society, and beyond to ensure we are incorporating their feedback as we build.”

It’s said that the company will continue testing the technology and they will make a “more informed decision” in regards to deploying the technology to the public. Two things they are working on are ensuring the speaker who the program is recording is fully aware they are being recorded, and then avoiding the creation of voices that are too similar to celebrities or politicians.

The misuse of AI has been a huge problem for people and has raised concerns with the upcoming election. Voice changes have already been an issue as we’ve seen with other situations. There are multiple solutions they are working on to ensure that the Voice engine is not misused.

OpenAI has said that they’ve implemented things like including a watermark to trace the origin of any audio generated by Voice Engine and also monitoring for how it’s being used.

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