Pro-Palestinian Groups Target Houses of Worship in Protests

( – A pro-Palestinian movement has caused chaos by targeting houses of worship.

The movement taking over houses of worship has sparked lots of outrage from people saying that it’s pushing targeted harassment and intimidation. In recent weeks, we’ve seen at least three planned protests at places of worship.

Some of these included protests in Times Square for “Palestinian Land Day” and the protests that were held at the Easter Vigil service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Chants of “Free free Palestine” were heard throughout the crowd and video footage showed protestors with a banner that said “Silence = Death.”

A volunteer from ZAKA, a group that collects body parts from terror victims to give them a proper burial, spoke out about what they saw during the initial attack in October.

“We’d walk into a room full of blood and see no sign of shooting or bombing. There, Hamas terrorists didn’t use a gun to kill their victims, they used an axe to chop them into pieces,” said Greiniman, a volunteer from ZAKA.

On the other hand, pro-Palestine organizations say that ZAKA pushes “false claims that fuel Gaza genocide.”

Jason Greenblatt, former White House Envoy to the Middle East said, “ZAKA buries the little pieces of the Jewish bodies that were targets of this Hamas terrorism. I think it’s pure harassment. Pure intimidation.”

Greenblatt also spoke about multiple other times when they came and he claimed they were trying to intimidate their children. He continued to say that the hatred here is also not just at Jewish people but also at Americans. The fear behind the protests taking place at synagogues and other places of worship is the main concern for people here.

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