Russian Intelligence Unit Linked to Havana Syndrome

( – There has been a possible link between a Russian intelligence unit and Havana Syndrome. Havana Syndrome can show symptoms of brain injuries and hearing loss, which are two symptoms that have been experienced by U.S. Diplomats.

It was first noted almost ten years ago when diplomats in Cuba’s capital started hearing piercing sounds at night and experiencing bloody noses, headaches, vision problems, and other odd auditory sensations.

This actually goes against what was previously believed, which was that U.S. officials were getting “anomalous health incidents” or AHIs among the embassies in Cuba, China, and Europe, and they were believed to be caused by an energy weapon.

This new evidence has said that the weaponry that is causing these effects is a sonic weapon that was created and employed by a unit of the Russian GRU. The unit is known for Russia’s military intelligence operations and they have been accused of multiple intentional incidents such as the poisoning of defector Sergei Skripal in the U.K.

According to the report, “Members of the Kremlin’s infamous military intelligence sabotage squad have been placed at the scene of suspected attacks on overseas US government personnel and their family members, leading victims to question what Washington knows.”

The report continued, “Havana syndrome shows all the markings of a Russian hybrid warfare operation. If it is established that the Kremlin really is behind the attacks … such a sustained, decade-long campaign would easily count as one of Vladimir Putin’s greatest strategic victories against the US.”

Havana Syndrome has greatly affected diplomats and the recruiting of people to continue traveling. It is said to have hurt U.S. diplomats and made them either retire early on or return to the United States.

Russia did respond to the accusations by saying that they were “baseless.” “This is not a new topic. For many years so-called Havana syndrome has been exaggerated in the press, and from the very beginning it was linked to accusations against the Russian side,” a Kremlin press official wrote.

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