Thailand Passes Bill to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage?!

( – Lawmakers in Thailand have recently passed a bill that legalizes same-sex marriage by an overwhelming vote. This makes Thailand the first country to legalize marriage for same-gender couples in Southeast Asia.

According to the House of Representatives vote, there were only ten people out of four hundred that voted against the bill, meaning the majority definitely overruled here. Thailand is known for being inclusive but they’ve been working to get same-sex laws passed for years now.

It’s said that society in Thailand is mostly conservative and those who are a part of the LGBTQ+ face discrimination in their daily lives. The bill is headed to the Senate, and it’s known that the Senate doesn’t usually reject legislation that’s made it through the lower house.

The bill, on top of legalizing same-sex marriage, is also requesting that the Civil and Commercial Code change the words from “men and women” to “individuals” and “husband and wife” to “marriage partners.”

They had a motion to change the wording to include “parent” with “father and mother” and activists said it would limit the parental rights of LGBTQ+ couples so this was not passed.

Danuphorn Punnakanta, the president of the committee which was overseeing the marriage bill and a spokesperson for the Pheu Thai party said “For this law, we would like to return rights to the LGBTQ+ community. We are not giving them rights. These are the fundamental rights that this group of people has lost.”

Since Thailand’s government, Pheu Thai, took over they have been advocating and pushing for same-sex marriage laws.

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