Unilever Scales Back Environmental Pledges To Help Cut Costs?!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Unilever has announced that they will be scaling back their environmental pledges. Critics have said that the company should “hold their head in shame” after the announcement was released from the company.

Unilever’s Chief Executive Hein Schumacher confirmed in an interview that they would be cutting areas of their environmental and social pledges including plastic and pay. This decision comes after shareholders have pushed for the company to focus on stock market performance and not green projects, as well as cut costs where they can.

Unilever claimed to cut the use of their virgin plastics in half by 2025, but now they have changed their stance by saying that they plan to reduce their plastic by 2026. They claimed that they would pay direct suppliers a living wage by the end of the decade, which now will not come to fruition. They also said they would spend billions yearly on diverse businesses and that they would hire those with disabilities.

Some people said that they should be ashamed of pulling back, while others said that the company could still make a difference even if it had to stop all of these pledges. Some were not as nice and felt like the company was backpedaling and not considering their impact on the plastic pollution they cause.

This has had a downhill effect since Schumacher took over last July. The shares for Unilever have gone down at least eight percent since she took over and it’s showing that people have a growing concern over the company. Under the previous executive, they had their mind set on their environmental impact and had pledges and plans in place for ten years, which are now being taken back.

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