China’s President Says China and United States Should Be Partners

( – The United States Secretary of State met with China’s President to stabilize relations as they navigate national security, the economy, and other geopolitical differences between the two countries.

Xi Jinping, Chinese President, told Anthony Blinken that they should be “partners, not rivals” and they should help each other succeed instead of putting each other down. “I proposed mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation to be the three overarching principles. They are both lessons learned from the past and a guide for the future,” Xi said.

Xi said that he’d be happy to see a prosperous U.S. and they hope that Washington views Beijing the same way, but they’ve both acknowledged that some issues need to be addressed here.

Blinken spoke up about the biggest issue for the United States when it comes to having mutually supportive ties with China being the Chinese stance on the Russian-Ukraine war. In addition to talking about the war, they also spoke about the South China Sea and Taiwan.

Although China hasn’t directly supplied Russia with weapons, the United States and other officials have said that China’s industrial exports help Russia get machinery and weapons. Beijing has said that this is a normal trading agreement and that it shouldn’t be interfered with.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Blinken as well as they discussed “red lines” that the U.S. shouldn’t cross to maintain the relationship they do have.

“China’s legitimate development rights have been unreasonably suppressed, and our core interests are facing challenges,” Wang Yi told Blinken.
There’s also been tension regarding the Philippines as Blinken has said that Washington will continue to support the Philippines even as they continue to de-escalate tensions with China. “I made clear that while the US will continue to de-escalate tensions, our defense commitments to the Philippines remain ironclad,” Blinken told reporters.

Chinese-United States relations have been full of tension for the last years and the current events are making it difficult for both sides to be supportive of one another and get to a common ground.

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