Blinken Signs Off on Prisoner for Funds Deal with Iran

hands of prisoner locked with handcuff in jail background.

( – According to a September 11 Fox News report, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken struck a deal with the Iranian regime to swap prisoners and even release $6 billion in Iranian funds that were frozen by US authorities. With this deal, Tehran will release five US citizens who are detained in the Persian nation, and Washington will release five Iranians held in an American prison.

As reported by the network, this agreement with Iran establishes a comprehensive exemption that allows the transfer of these $6 billion from South Korea to Qatar. This will guarantee compliance with White House sanctions without any direct use of American taxpayer dollars or any direct financial support to the Iranian regime

While Blinken signed off the deal last week, the House of Representatives wasn’t properly notified of this decision September 11. According to the Associated Press, the multi-billion-dollar transfer was the main negotiation point in the agreement. The news agency explained this one saw four of the five US detainees transferred from jails into house arrest in August. The fifth American detainee was already granted house arrest by Iranian authorities.

Different European nations hesitated to be part of the $6 billion transfer because of the numerous White House sanctions that target foreign banks that are involved in any transaction that benefits the Iranian regime. As reported by the Associated Press, the secretary of state’s waiver is aimed at alleviating their apprehensions about any potential risk of US sanctions.

In a statement, National Security Council Spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said that Blinken undertook a “procedural step” to guarantee that the Iranian frozen funds could be transferred while remaining restricted to “humanitarian trade.” She also noted that what the Biden administration pursues with these actions is a deal that secures the release of the five Americans who are still “wrongfully held” in the Persian nation. Watson said this is an ongoing and “sensitive” process.

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