Utah Man Ordered to Remove Questionable Halloween Display

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A Utah community ordered one of its residents to strip his Halloween display from public property on October 18, as he had a skeleton disguised as a pole dancer. \ Christopher Fujishin’s display featured two skeletons pretending to offer money to another skeleton that was wearing a purple wig and performing a gesture that seemed as if it was dancing. According to a KSTU report, the display was fitted to a city stop sign outside of his house in Grantsville.

During an interview with the media outlet, the man said he wanted to make people laugh. When asked if the display could be seen as “a little bit” disrespectful to the neighborhood and distracting for drivers, Fujishin said that even if it could be “a little risqué” for some individuals, he did it “in the name of fun.”

Following the man’s “joke,” many people claimed this display had to be removed. Eventually, the city posted a picture of Fujishin’s display on its Facebook page, where it asked him to immediately remove it. The post said that these types of displays weren’t acceptable as they went against the city code of attaching “anything to a sign.”

While the warning was eventually removed, the post became viral and controversial on social media. One user commented in favor of the city’s request to remove the display, arguing that children needed to know about decency, respect, and manners. Fujishin replied to this comment by saying that if kids knew what the display was, the problem was not on the display’s side.

Fujishin eventually complied with the city order and removed the skeletons. However, he relocated the display to his own yard, with some residents expressing their support for taking this step. Some even bring decorations and more skeletons.

Resident Carrie Sly told KSTU that those who were at Fujishin’s yard were going to “tip” the skeletons “when we leave.” Another resident named Brandee Harris said she supports Fujishin as he just wanted to bring “good humor.”

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