DC Vandalized During Pro-Palestine Event

Washington DC, US Capitol Building in a sunny day.

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Protesters vandalized Washington, DC during a November 4 pro-Palestine demonstration in front of the White House. They violently shook its gate and even defaced numerous statues throughout the District while demanding a cease-fire in the war between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

In a statement, the DC’s Metropolitan Police said that officers arrested a man on destruction of property charges on the 17th Street Northwest’s 700 block. The police noted that the man broke the windows of a McDonald’s restaurant and spray-painted graffiti on one of its walls.

Videos of the demonstration showed numerous protesters strapping Palestinian flags to the statues of General Marquis de Lafayette and President Andrew Jackson near Lafayette Square. While the DC police department also said it’s investigating acts of vandalism that damaged the McPherson Square Metro Station and some police cars, it noted that no other arrests have been made.

In the statement, DC Metropolitan Police Chief Pamela Smith said that the situation wasn’t overwhelming for the department, as it usually handles hundreds of demonstrations and numerous events in the capital city every year. She added that the department always supports people’s right to protest, as long as it remains peaceful.

In a separate statement, US Secret Service spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi explained that no demonstrator was taken into custody, even when they started to violently push agents during the protest. Guglielmi added that while some of them tried to climb a White House gate, no one managed to cross it.

Footage from the protest showed demonstrators throwing red paint at a large part of the White House gate. Other videos showed one demonstrator putting a head scarf around the statute of founding father Benjamin Franklin on 12 Street NW while others were cheering.

The protest, which was called “National March: Free Palestine,” also saw demonstrators taking swipes at US President Joe Biden because of his pledge to deliver $14 billion in aid to the Israeli government.

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