Liberal Funding Seems to Be Fueling Pro-Hamas Activism

( – According to a Daily Caller November 4 report, some of the most important dark money organizations and left-of-center charitable foundations in the United States have sent millions of dollars to Pro-Hamas activist groups. The media outlet pointed out that the large sums of money delivered to these groups started after the Palestinian terrorist group executed its attack against Israel on October 7.

The Daily Caller also said that the foundations received the money from left-wing financiers and donors, including Hungarian billionaire George Soros. One of the payment processing platforms that processed these donations to some pro-Hamas and anti-Israel groups was ActBlue, which has always favored left-wing and Democratic political leaders in the country.

National Security Analyst at Capital Research Center Ryan Mauro told the media outlet that “Hamas’ allies” in the country have a massive presence in the “non-profit sector.” He also pointed out that some of the most important left-wing groups are funding Hamas sympathizers and those who help them indirectly by waging a “political war” against the Israeli government.

Different reports revealed that the Tides Center has been also providing fiscal sponsorship to numerous organizations that praised the Palestinian terrorist group. Some of these organizations include Palestine Legal, Adalah Justice Project, The Catalyst Project, and even The Arab Resource and Organizing Center.

In an Instagram post, the Adalah Justice Project said that “Israeli colonizers” thought they were able to trap two million Palestinians in an “open-air prison” and received no criticism or a strong reaction. The organization, which is one of the Tides Center’s projects, published the post with a photo of a bulldozer breaching the Jewish state’s border wall the day Hamas committed the attacks.

According to the American Bar Association, fiscal sponsorship is a legal arrangement that permits a registered nonprofit in the country to process donations for allied organizations. These usually prefer fiscal sponsorship because it allows them not to register with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS.)

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