Accused Killer’s Classmate and Neighbors Reveal “Red Flags”

Accused Killer's Classmate and Neighbors Reveal

( – After nearly two months of investigation, authorities believe they have the person responsible for the quadruple murder of four University of Idaho students. Neighbors of the accused killer and a classmate claim there were “red flags” following the brutal slaying.

Police in Pennsylvania recently arrested 28-year-old Bryan Kohberger at his parents’ residence. The suspected killer is a graduate student who’s furthering his education in criminology at Washington State University. According to his neighbors and a former classmate, after the Idaho slayings, Kohberger always appeared to be exhausted.

The suspected killer’s downstairs neighbor, who requested to remain anonymous, spoke with the New York Post, where they detailed how the 28-year-old never slept. The neighbor disclosed that Kohberger typically kept to himself, noting the suspected killer could be heard during unusual times. The anonymous neighbor said they believed the 28-year-old was “too weak” to kill someone.

A pair of former classmates told the Seattle Times that Kohberger finished his classes for the rest of the semester, even after the brutal slaying. BK Norton, one of the students, mentioned sharing four courses with the 28-year-old, adding the alleged murderer continued to attend class to the end.

Another student, Ben Roberts, explained that Kohberger started to show up to school “really tired.” Roberts said the 28-year-old always had a “cup of coffee in his hand.” The student noted the alleged slayer consistently appeared to be teetering between being “worn out” or “completely exhausted.” Of course, lost sleep and dark circles under the eyes are nothing new for a person attending graduate school.

Kohberger recently appeared in court, where he didn’t fight extradition to Idaho but did deny committing the murders. The leading public defender of Monroe County, Jason Labar, told NBC News the 28-year-old says he’s innocent and feels he will be exonerated. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

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