American Journalist Meet With Lawyers in Russian Prison

( – Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich met with lawyers at the Lefortovo prison in Russia’s capital Moscow on Tuesday morning, as the White House is making efforts to secure his release as soon as possible. About this reunion, the Journal’s editor-in-chief Emma Tucker declared that the American reporter was good, healthy, pointing out that she felt “encouraged” by the fact that the legal team was able to visit the American reporter.

Tucker also pointed out that the American newspaper is currently trying to find any legal avenue to free Journal’s reporter, who is currently being held in Russia on spying charges. She also said that another strategy that the Wall Street Journal could take in order to free Gershkovich is talking with officials of the Biden administration so the White House could find any sort of deal with the Kremlin.

As reported by CNN,  the meeting between Gershkovich and the lawyers comes at a moment when the Biden administration is preparing to formally declare the American reporter as wrongfully detained by Russian authorities, representing a delicate scenario that could facilitate Gershkovich’s release.

The TV network points out that the White House could take this step by the end of the week, as it follows an internal review of his arrest in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. Once the Biden administration makes the official designation, the Office of hostage affairs at the US State Department will work on the case.

About this situation, WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during a Tuesday press briefing that President Joe Biden is making efforts to secure his release as soon as possible. She also pointed out that the charges imposed by Russian authorities against the American journalist are “ridiculous,” as she told reporters that Gershkovich is just a journalist and he has never worked as a spy for any agency.

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