California Has Officially Approved A Disneyland Expansion?!

( – A Disneyland park expansion plan is underway and just got approved by the Anaheim City Council. Disney would expect to pay almost two million dollars for the expansion, which will be the biggest expansion of Disney’s California theme parks in years.

Disney would expand their theme park to be more immersive and feature new Disney classics such as “Frozen” or “Zootopia.” As a part of the agreement, Disney would also have to pay for street improvements, affordable housing opportunities, and infrastructure for the city.

The council approved the plan unanimously and now it will go to a second council for final approval. The plan would help to make room for more exhibits by moving parking to a multi-story parking structure which would allow them to expand.

As a part of Disney’s plan, they have also looked into buying a public street to turn into a walkway, and they’re interested in changing certain areas by adding crosswalks. A lot of the residents have looked into this to add more safety transportation measures for those walking around and near the Disney Park area.

“No change or project is perfect. But in this case, the gives I believe outweigh the takes,” said Scott Martindale, who lives nearby the park and says that crosswalks would help with safety.

Some people in the area have said that they are happy about potential exhibit expansions but that they are worried about the company buying out streets. They have said that the streets will then become property of Disney and therefore lawmakers won’t have much of a say over things after that point.

The city sees a lot of revenue and tourists in the area thanks to Disney and this expansion could ramp that up even more. Although people are mostly intrigued by the plans, some are concerned over the details.

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